Viper Spec



A T56 transmission built to “Viper Spec” is a STOCK T56 with a STOCK Viper 30 spline mainshaft, made of 4615 alloy and torque rated to 550 ft/lbs.

The gear train is the same as a stock Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, or Viper T56, and is rated to 450 foot lbs of torque.

The 1-2 synchro rings are double cone-2 contact surfaces. The 3-4 and 5-6 synchro rings are single cone-one contact surface.

Shift RPM is limited by the synchronizers to 5500-6400 rpm depending on clutch inertia.

The “Son of Tranzilla” series of T56 transmissions is cutting edge modern technology.

The mainshafts are state of the art 9310 alloy, available in 30 or 32 output splines, with a torque rating of 1,000 Ft/Lbs.

The gear train is Corvette Z06, available in two ratios with a torque rating of 750 Ft/Lbs.

2.97-1st, 2.07-2nd, 1.43-3rd, 1-1 4th, 0.84 5th, and 0.56 6th.

2.66-1st, 1.78-2nd, 1.30-3rd, 1-1 4th, 0.74-5th, and 0.50 6th

The 1-2 synchronizers are triple cone, 3 contact surfaces. The 3-4 and 5-6 synchronizers are double cone, 2 contact surfaces. Smoother, crisp shifts to 7400-7800 RPM, far exceeding the older “Viper Spec” technology.

Do you want a STOCK T56 transmission with a Viper output shaft, or a cutting edge, race proven Z06 based “Son of Tranzilla” 6 speed in your car?

Why not get all the performance and durability that you are paying for?