Tacoma T-56 "Fantastic Overhaul"

The transmission is very different than it was before. It is very quiet, shifts fantastic and does not pop out of 6th gear any more. … You did a fantastic job overhauling it. Read more here.

Helpful Advice; Thanks!

George, I've been meaning to follow up and THANK YOU!! for your advice last week with my Tremec (TKO600) issue (stuck in gear). Read more here.

Money VERY WELL Spent

I must also add your T-6060 is the smoothest shifting transmission I have ever had in ANY car I have ever driven. I am very glad I decided to spend the extra money to buy one of your new gear boxes — Steve Loudin

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Swapping A Tremec T-56 Into A Road Racing Syclone

Rather than rebuild the slushbox, the guys at HPT decided on swapping in a Tremec/Rockland Transzilla/Magnum T-56 [5]that also allows the use of the all-wheel drive system and will handle approximately 850 ft. lbs. of torque. Read more here.

Vintage Air sent us photos of a 36 Ford fitted with our Rockland Standard Gear.

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We have embarked on the conversion to a proper gear box in the form of a fully built Tremec/Rockland Standard Gear T-56 Transzilla Magnum manual transmission…

This is the sickest thread I've seen on this forum

We are still abusing your transmission and it keeps taking it. Really nice piece!

Kyle Tucker, Co-owner, detroitspeed.com

Cobetto Mustang sweeps VIR Summer Slam

The Rockland Tranny is just plain stout. It is a pleasure to be in control of such premium equipment.

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TRANZILLA chosen for Shelby Twin-Turbo GT500 Prototype (1,000+ RWHP)

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Tranzilla conquer Ferrari and Mustang

in the hands of a talented Corvette driver at the challenging VIR Race Circuit

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Easy Support, Love This Transmission!

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best, fast service from george at rockland standard gear

I have gotten the best transmission service from George at Rockland Standard Gear.

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“Rockland Standard Gear — I highly recommend them.”

Ben Keating of Port Lavaca Dodge

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Thanks goes out to Rockland Standard Gear!

Here is my 10.8 ET 131 mph run on street tires at LS Fest last weekend!!

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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle - Unconventional Killer

Randy Johnson's '66 Chevelle Strikes The Perfect Balance Between Creating Torque, And Managing It.

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Corvette sets numerous personal best speeds

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Cadillac Forums: Lindsay + Katech Motor + Son of Tranzilla = Cadjira

To strengthen the driveline, I went ahead and added a heavy duty Rockland Standard Gear "Son of Tranzilla" trans rated to handle over 750 hp -- which I might add was very reasonably priced.

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Mustang: quick diagnosis, helpful expertese

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Installation Photos

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A6 Rear Install Results

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Tranzilla Installation

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