Tremec T-56 C5 Corvette Extension Housing

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Tremec T-56 C5 Corvette Extension Housing diagram

Index Number Description Part
1 Extension Housing
2 Mainshaft Bearing Race
3 Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retainer Ring
4 Mainshaft Rear Bearing Retainer Ring
5 Mainshaft Gear Bearing Spacer
6 Mainshaft Rear Bearing
7 Mainshaft Gear Bearing Spacer
8 Synchronizer Retainer Ring
9 Reverse Gear Thrust Washer
10 Mainshaft Reverse Speed Gear
11 Reverse Gear Bearing
12 Reverse Gear Washer
13 Reverse Idler Gear Shaft
14 Reverse Idler Gear Needle Bearing
15 Reverse Idler Gear
16 Reverse Idler Bracket
17 Reverse Idler Bracket Bolt
18 Outer Output Shaft Seal
19 Inner Output Shaft Seal
20 Extension Housing To Transmission Case Bolt
21 Oil Drain Plug
22 Lubrication Funnel
23 Front Coutnershaft Extension Housing Bearing Shim
24 Countershaft Extension Bearing Race
25 Countershaft Extension Bearing
26 Countershaft Extension
27 Shift Fork Pad
28 5th Speed Drive Gear Needle Bearing
29 5th Speed Drive Gear
30 5th Speed Drive Gear Thrust Washer
31 5th Speed Gear Inner Cone
32 5th Speed Gear Friction Cone
33 5th Gear Syncronizer Blocking Ring
34 5th/6th Synchronizer Assembly
35 5th Gear Shift Fork Retainer Ring
36 5th/6th Synchronizer Spring
37 5th/6th Synchronzier Sleeve
38 5th/6th and Reverse Synchronizer Key
39 5th/6th Synchronizer Hub
40 5th/6th Synchronizer Spring