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The TERMINATOR Jeep XJ & TJ Trans Upgrade

Jeep transmission upgrade for 2000-04 TJ and 2000-2001 XJ.

Jeep owners now have an alternative to the New Venture 3550 5-speed manual transmission found in 2000-2001 XJ and 2000-2004 TJ Wrangler six cylinder models. The NV 3550 is infamous for the rattling sound it makes in neutral, grinding on the 1-2 shift and jumping out of gear on deceleration.

To make matters even worse, New Venture Gear is out of business, and the only replacement parts are inferior offshore components, or used salvaged parts. Rockland Standard Gear's new 5-speed upgrade appropriately called "The Terminator" is a direct bolt-in replacement with more torque capacity for extreme duty, and for Jeeps with engine modifications.

The Terminator uses the stock shifter (and 4WD shifter) in its original location. OEM replacement parts are guaranteed to be available for the next 10 years, and RSG carries a complete inventory of parts and transmissions. Best of all, upgrading to the Terminator is very affordable and ensures that you will only need to make this fix once.

Editorial Comment:
On the trail, a manual transmission has many advantages and some disadvantages. One of those disadvantages would be crawling over a series of obstacles and having the transmission slip out of gear while both hands are on the steering wheel. Any improvement in keeping gears from jumping out of sync when you take your foot of the accelerator is definite advantage.

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