Safety Information

WARNING- Failure to follow these instruction could affect vehicle performance and/or safety and result in personal injury or death.

Do not convert or alter Spicer axles except in accordance with vehicle manufacture's instructions.

Spicer axles are designed to meet OEM vehicle manufacturer's design and performance specifications. Improper conversion or alteration of these axles can damage the axles and/or other vehicle systems. Contact the OEM manufacturer for specific directions and guidelines.

Do not change axle gear rations on vehicles with anti-lock braking systems except in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.

Vehicles with anti-lock braking systems may utilize sensors and tone rings within the axle housings to ensure the functioning of the anti-lock brakes. Improperly changing the axle ratios may defeat the anti-lock braking system. If changing axle ratios will require changing the location of the tone ring n the ring gear flange relative to the location of the sensor in the axle housing, contact the OEM manufacturer for specific directions and guidelines.

Do not reuse or substitute ring gear bolts.

If you reuse a ring gear bolt or substitute an inferior quality bolt, the bolt may loosen or back out of its threaded hole, causing severe damage to the axle gears and other components and possibly resulting in a sudden "locking up" of the axle and loss of control of the vehicle. Always use the new bolts specifically recommended for the application and install bolts using proper tools and torquing to the proper specifications.

CAUTION - Do not substitute parts not of Spicer quality.

Spicer axles are designed for each model vehicle, and manufactured and tested for safety and best performance. Replacement parts from other manufacturers may not be made to Spicer's rigid quality standards. To be sure you're getting Spicer quality, always use genuine Spicer parts.