Rockland Standard Gear Inc. Limited Transmission Warranty

This warranty is between you, the installing shop and Rockland Standard Gear Inc. keep this warranty in your files and issue your own warranty to your customer.

Transmissions rebuilt by Rockland Standard Gear Inc. are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months. The warranty period begins on the date of invoice to the installer and applies only to the party appearing on rockland standard gear’s original invoice.

This warranty is limited to replacing the transmission or parts thereof, which upon our examination prove to be defective. It does not include breakage of gears, damage resulting from abuse, faulty operation of any part or parts not furnished as part of the transmission, (such as linkage, clutch assemblies, shifters, motor or transmission mounts, worn or defective drive shaft components, pilot bearings, or bushing, etc.), accident or racing. Units will not be covered under warranty if they are run out of lubricant, under filled or overfilled with lubricant, or filled with the incorrect lubricant.

This warranty is void if the transmission shall have been used in any application other than that which it was originally intended or which shall have been repaired or altered outside of rockland standard gear’s rebuilding facilities.

This warranty does not cover such things as towing, loss of use, loss of earnings, personal injury damages, per diem expenses, nor any other consequential or incidental damages; rockland standard gear reserves the right to refund the full purchase price in lieu of all claims otherwise due a claimant under the terms of this warranty.