Rockland Standard Gear now has available custom built Tremec T56 6 speed transmissions for hot rods, earlier muscle cars with GM Gen I small block and big block engines PLUS LS1-LS7 ENGINES.

These units are direct bolt up with no adapters, and are available with aluminum or SFI certified steel blow proof bell housings.

Ratios- 2.97-1st, 2.06- 2nd, 1.43-3rd, 1-1 4th, 0.80-5th, and 0.62 6th, (OPTIONAL OD .071 .056) for great performance and fuel saving high way driving. THESE ARE BUILT WITH A 9310 MAIN SHAFT RATED FOR 1000FTLBS.

The units feature a complete Corvette gear train with triple cone Corvette Synchronizers on 1-2 and double cone synchronizers on 3-4/5-6, all synchro rings are carbon fiber. These units will handle 750 ft/lbs of torque and are equipped with 30 spline main shafts made of 9310 alloy RATED AT 1000FTLBS, with 30 spline yoke. Units come with electronic speedometer and use an adjustable QUICK RELEASE hydraulic slave cylinder RSG EXCLUTIVE. We have single and twin disc Ram clutches and flywheels in stock for these units.

Shifter location is 25" from back of engine block and offset shifters are available to use original floor openings. Fits GM 64-up with very little to no floor mods why buy a old world 5 speed when you can have a brand new engneered 6 speed?