Rockland Standard Gear is making available Tremec T56 6 speed transmissions with Corvette rears for Mid Engine cars and sand drags.

The units will handle 750 ft/lbs of torque and are equipped with 30 spline 9310 alloy mainshafts.

Ratios are 2.97- 1st, 2.06-2nd, 1.43-3rd, 1-1 4th, 0.80-5th, and 0.62 6th. The gear train is complete Corvette with triple cone synchronizers for 1-2 and double cone synchronizers for 3-4/5-6, carbon fiber synchro rings throughout.

These units are available with SFI certified steel blow proof bell housing, adjustable hydraulic QUICK RELEASE RSG EXCLUTIVE slave cylinders, OPTIONAL trans mounted oil pump with rear case oil pickup, for remote trans coolers PLUS REAR MOUNTED OIL PUMP NICE ALL IN PACKAGE

Rear end ratios available in 3.42, 3.73, 3.90, and 4.10 with 30 spline pinion shafts and high output clutches. 300 moly unbreakable half shafts available in custom sizes.

Measurements- 30.25" from back of engine block to axle centerline, and 16" from back of block to shifter.