Rockland Standard Gear is making available a Tremec T56 6 speed transmission for 4 wheel drive pickup trucks.

These units will have transmission ratios of 2.97 1st, 2.06 2nd, 1.43 3rd, 1-1 4th, 0.80 5th, 0.62 6th, for great performance and gas saving highway use. All gear train is Corvette T56 with triple cone 1-2 synchronizers and double cone 3-4-5/6 synchronizers with carbon fiber synchro rings throughout.

These units will accept Chevy, Ford and Dodge transfer cases with 5 and 6 bolt flanges. Available with 27 or 32 spline out put shafts.

Measurements- 27.5" from back of block to back of rear adaptor (1/2") longer than GM or Dodge 3500 trans) 19" from back of block to shifter (2") longer than GM or Dodge 3500 trans.