Sent: 7/10/2008 8:29:33 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Land Speed Mustang Tranny- Time Sensitive


I'd like to thank you again for sharing your expertise and helping to quickly diagnose the shifting problem with my T-56. I'll briefly explain the circumstances and await your recommendation.

Present Specs:

You identified the heavy large diameter clutch as the main problem, plus some minor parts to repair the transmission. (sleeves? synchros? I don't exactly recall)

I need to repair the present transmission as quickly as possible, and would also like to purchase a 26 spline input for my spare transmission. My crew chief believes that he has a smaller lighter clutch that will fit this application and will let me know shortlly, and if not we will need to quickly purchase one from you.

At a minimum, I’d like to immediately buy the input shaft and the parts you indicated I’ll need to repair my unit. [It was the 2-3, then the 3-4 shifts that were giving me the most trouble. We usually short shift 1-2 anyway]. I have located a vendor who will sell the .93/.79 overdrive gears separately, we haven’t quite determined if it is absolutely necessary to change the 5th and 6th gear ratios to achieve a closer ratio, or if we can get by with the large rpm drops with the stock ratio. Your custom ratios are available only with the purchase of the Tranzilla or the conversion of mine into a Tranzilla.

As a business owner myself, I feel an obligation to support other businesses that assist me, as you did with me earlier this week. So, I’d like to order as much from Rockland as I can, without replicating the parts that will be included with the 5&6 overdrive gears if we decide to make that purchase. [ie-bored sleeve,cluster extension, triple cone synchronizer, triple cone slider, etc].

George, I’ll await your advice as to which parts I should order today from Rockland. Please call or email me as early as possible so that they can ship today.

Steve Benyo