All at Rockland Standard Gear,

As you know, 2009 was an up and down season for us.

We went faster than ever on the 1938 H-D and the Corvette. We set numerous personal best speeds – 148 mph on the Bike and 2633 mph in the Vette – and set two SCTA/BNI records and two AMA/BUB records onn the H-D. The Corvette qualified twice during speed week and once during the World Finals but never completed the necessary back-up run for a new record. On the last attempt, the car spun out at the top of 6th gear ±250 mph and gave us quite a thrill during multiple 360° spins and a long low flight backwards followed by more 360°s. Thankfully everything stayed together, other than the driver door, window, and rear deck lid. The tires were shredded but held air and stayed on the bead of the reams. Thank you Mickey Thompson Tire and Complete Custom Wheel!

We are still trying to figure out what caused the spin and will make the necessary changes for next year.

We intend to compete in A/BGT again and also A/BFMS (current record 257.7) after we finish A/BGT. So far we still hold the A/BGT records at 236.664 mph, set in 2007.

We will run the bike basically like this year:

1350cc – Turbo charged – Gas & Fu Fuel – Partial Stream- lined – Class: APS/BVG

The bike should give us speeeds in the 150-160 mph range and that’s honkin on a 1938 Flathead Harley.

Thanks again for your interest and we’ll keep you posted as we work and wait for next August.

Pilgrim & Stubbs Racing David R. Pilgrim